Blacksmithing Culture Route

Learn about Sanjo's traditional blacksmithing culture.

1. Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo

Kaji Dojo

- Come and experience the foundation of Sanjo, Blacksmithing! At the Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo, inspect the various blacksmithing displays, or take part in a traditional Japanese nail making course or knife sharpening course which is available all the time. Bring your own kitchen knife and learn how to properly sharpen it. Go ahead, come and become a blacksmith for a few hours.

2. Sanjo Heritage Museum

History, Culture and Industry Resource Centre

- If you wish to quickly learn about Sanjo's history, this facility is the place to be. Displays of cultural treasures and art from the olden days to the present are on exhibition at this museum. And of course, there are a few collections that deal with blacksmiting. And the best part of it all is that the entrance fee is FREE!

3. Sanjo & Tsubame City Messepia

Tsubame Sanjo Messepia

- Throughout Japan, the region of Sanjo and Tsubame is quite well known as area with a high concentration of factories processing steel products. The Sanjo & Tsubame City Messepia is a facility that displays and sells products which are created in this region. Window-shopping the numerous regional items in the large sales room can be quite interesting on its own. Also, since you're buying products from its regional birthplace, there are plenty of great deals to be bought.

Other options!

 Located near the Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo, is the

and Morning market (which is open on dates that end with 2 & 7). There are also plenty of bars and restaurants a couple of minutes walk away in the district of Honji-kohji.  The 2 & 7 Morning market is known as a place for product exchange, and Honji-kohji as a place for social relationships.



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