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 Every year at the end of November a number of swans begin to arrive here on the Ikarashi river by Arasawa region of Shitada. It is quite rare for swans to rest on a moving river than a calm lake or pond.  There has been up to 400 swans spending time here some years, and each year the locals welcome their arrival and do what they can to protect and care for the swans. During the day, the swans tend t go into the fields in search of food, but in the morning and evenings, the swans can be seen swimming on the Ikarashi river.


Bus:  From Higashi-Sanjo station, take the "八木ヶ鼻温泉" (Yagigahana Onsen) bus to "荒沢郵便局前" (Arasawa Yuubinkyoku Mae) (Front of Arasawa Post Office). Approximately a 50min bus ride.
Vehicle:  Approximately a 50min drive from the Sanjo-Tsubame Inter-Change, via the Hokuriku Expressway down the National Route 289.
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