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Takajo Castle Ruins

Last Update:2008/4/1

Takajo Castle

 During the Age of Cival Wars, Takajo Castle ruled the Shitada region. Takajo Castle was originally built in 1426, by Toyokage Nagao who was based in Morimachi, a region of Shitada.

 Takajo Castle was built on a 373-meter mountain, where the ridgeline runs east to west, and steep slopes cover the north and south side of the mountain. Even to this day, a 500-meter long ditch that circles the ridge, foundations and water routes can be seen.

 The fifth lord of Takajo castle, Fujikage Nagao was murdered by Shigenaga Honjo (lord of Murakami Castle) during the Battle of Kawanakajima. And remaining followers of Nagao besieged Takajo Castle, but soon fell by the Tochio Castle lord of the Honjo clan. A few Nagao followers fled to Nakaura but were soon defeated. It is said that a few women and children where able to escape to Kakuma (a much more rural part of Shitada) and live the rest of their lives there.

Chozenji Temple

 By the foot of Takajo is the Chozenji temple. The mortuary tablets of the first and second lords of Takajo (Toyokage and his son To-e-no-mori-kagehisa, whom also built Chozenji temple) are enshrined at Chozenji temple.

 From the Chozenji temple, the walk up to the site of the former Takajo castle is apporximately a 50min walk via the "Himesayuri Path".

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