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Consultation for women, and social welfare

Last Update:2008/4/1

Consultation for Women

  There is a consultation service for women that want counselling on divorce, family problems, or worries with regards to family life or gender issues.

  Welfare Division, Public Welfare Help Desk (0256) 34-5511 EXT. 284 (Japanese language)

National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken)

  National health insurance is a system whereby a premium is collected from the policy holders according to their income and is used to help reduce medical expenses incurred by injuries, illness, etc.

  You are eligible to join the National Health Insurance if:

- Your visa status is one year or more.
- You have not joined the health insurance program provided at your work place.
- You have quit your job and withdrawn from the health insurance program provided at your work place.
How to join the National Insurance Program
  Please bring your Alien Registration Card and private personal seal, and make sure that any of the above is reported to the National Health Insurance Section, Health Promotion Division at the Sanjo City Office. When you are insured under the National Health Insurance Program, you have the right to receive compensation when necessary and you are obliged to pay a premium. When there is a change in your eligibility status, notify of the change immediately.

National Pension Plan (Kokumin nenkin)

  The National Pension Plan is a system to ensure a stable life for the elderly, the handicapped (due to injury or illness), and for households where the guardian becomes unable to work.
Everyone including foreigners, who are between the age of 20-59 years may join the plan. If you have joined the welfare pension or the cooperative in your company, there is no need to apply for the National Pension Plan. Applications can be made at the National Insurance and Pension Division counter.

  In principle, the pension is paid to those 65 years and older who have been enrolled in the plan for at least 25 years, the minimum period of time from enrollment required to qualify as a pension recipient. In the event that you become eligible when you are living in another country, the pension will be wire-transferred from Japan to the recipient.

  The Pension Booklet(Nenkin Techo) that you receive when you enter the pension program will be necessary when your address or workplace changes or when you withdraw from the National Pension Plan. Please do not lose it.

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment from the National Pension Plan

  Foreign residents who stay in Japan only for a short period of time do not meet the conditions to receive a pension. In return, foreign residents can apply and receive a lump-sum withdrawal payment calculated based upon the period and premiums paid once they are no longer living and working in Japan.

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