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Tetsuji Morohashi Memorial Museum

Last Update:2008/4/1

 The museums imposing brick structure was built with the image of Mt. Yagigahana in mind. This museum exhibits some of Morohashi Tetsuji, the late-professor's belongings, his calligraphic works and items which reflect his contributions to the world of sinology. This museum also houses and exhibits other valuable data which relates to the study of sinology.

 Visitors can access the library where most of the literature were donated by the professor, also use the general purpose hall, seminar room and traditional Japanese-style room.

Tetsuji Morohashi

 Professor Tetsuji Morohashi was born in Shitada village on June 4th, 1883 and was an important figure in the world of Japanese studies and sinology. He is best known as the Chief Editor of the Dai Kan-Wa jiten, (大漢和辞典, "Comprehensive Chinese-Japanese Dictionary"), the most comprehensive dictionary of kanji. The Dai Kan-Wa jiten is a Japanese dictionary of Chinese characters and is remarkable for its comprehensiveness and size. This kanji dictionary contains over 50,000 character entries and 530,000 compound words.

 Morohashi Tetsuji was originally motivated to create a dictionary in 1917 when he went to China to study Chinese, and was frustrated as some dictionaries only defined characters but not phrases or compound words and vice versa. When Morohashi returned to Japan in 1919, he has 20 note books filled with Chinese vocabulary.

 In 1925, Suzuki Ippei, president of the Taishukan publishing house, requested Morohashi to edit a comprehensive kanji dictionary of an unprecedented scale. In order to print this giant reference work, fonts for many rare characters had to be created, since none existed.

 As for his career, after graduating Tokyo higher normal school, he became universty professor, and after the second world war, he took office as the president of Tsuru University. In 1957, he as awarded the Order of the Chrysanthemum and in 1965, he was awarded the Order of Culture for his contributions to sinology and lexicography.

 Nearing the age of 100 years, on December 8th, 1982. Dr. Tetsuji Morohashi passed away, but have left the world with much literature in the field of sinology. He always loved his birthplace in Shitada, and has been well respected by the locals. In return, his birth home stands within the spacious gardens of the memorial museum, and the surrounding area is also known as the Home of Sinology. "Kangaku-no-Sato"

Where: 434 Niwazuki, Sanjo
Entrance Fee:
Individual Group
(over 20 people)
Highschool student & over 500yen 400yen
Elementary/ Junior Highschool 200yen 150yen
Open Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 (enterance open until 16:30)
Day museum is closed:
  • Every Monday, If the Monday falls on a national holiday, then the museum will be closed the following day
  • Dec. 29 - Jan. 3
Access: Bus:  From Higashi-Sanjo station, take the "八木ヶ鼻温泉" (Yagigahana Onsen) bus to "諸橋轍次記念館前" (Morohashi Tetsuji Kinenkan Mae) (Front of Morohashi Tetsuji Memorial Museum). Approximately a 50min bus ride. A 20min walk from there.
Vehicle:  Approximately a 50min drive from the Sanjo-Tsubame Inter-Change (Hokuriku Expressway) down the National Route 289.
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Inquiries: Tetsuji Morohashi Memorial Museum
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