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Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo

Last Update:2015/10/23

 The Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo is organized by a collection of present day blacksmiths. They offer a series of workshops, teaching traditional Sanjo blacksmithing skills. Beginning with building a fire, to quenching, forging, grinding and finally sharpening. Workpshops for making your very own small knife, and fish filleting knife are offered once in a while.

 Workshops for creating traditional Japanese nails and workshops for proper kitchen knife sharpening techniques are offered during most days when the Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo is open.

Where: 11-53 Motomachi, Sanjo
Open Hours: 09:00 - 17:00
Day museum is closed:
  • Every Monday
  • Dec. 29 - Jan. 3
Permanent workshops: Kitchen knife sharpening
Bring your own kitchen knife from home. At the moment, kitchen knife sharpening workshops cost 300yen for adults and 150 for those under 15(inclusive).
Traditional Japanese nail making
Learn how to make a traditional Japanese nail, which has a long history with Sanjo itself.

Workshops are provided only in Japanese and costs 500yen for adults and 250yen for those under 15(inclusive). If in a group of more than 4, please book ahead of time. Also, workshops are only available if there are enough instructors and time. (apporximately 90mins required)

Letter Opener making workshop
Learn how to make a letter opener out of a nail. Workshops cost 1000yen for adults and 500yen for those under 15(inclusive).
Periodical Workshops

Special blacksmithing workshops are occasionally offered at the Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo. Please refer to the following link. Workshops and links are only provided in Japanese.

Commerce & Industry Division - Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo

Access: Train:  1min walk from Kita-Sanjo station on the JR Yahiko-line.

Map to Location

Inquiries: *Japanese speaking only

Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo
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