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Emergency Hospital Schedule for Sundays and Holidays

Last Update:2018/8/1

  If you fall ill on a Sunday, a holiday, or when your personal physician is unavailable, please visit the hospital that is on duty as according to the following schedule (updated monthly).

  Note: Please check the Kouhou Sanjo (community newsletter) issued on the 16th day of each month for the list of hospitals that are open on Sundays and holidays in the following month. Please note the Kouhou Sanjo is published in Japanese only.

For urgent medical emergencies requiring immediate assistance, please dial 119 from your phone for the Fire Department.


Sanjo Region

     With the opening of the Kenoh Medical Association Emergency Clinic on April 1st, 2009, the previous system of on-call emergency hospitals will no longer be used for Sanjo.  Beginning April 1st, 2009, please go to the Kenoh Medical Association Emergency Clinic if you need medical help at night, Sundays, or holidays.


Hours of Operation:

     Weekday Nights (Year-round):  19:00-22:00
     Saturdays: 14:00-16:30
     Sundays, Public holidays, Year end-New Year period, Obon period:  09:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30, 19:00-22:00


Location:  Sanjo-shi, Kouya 1-13-67
             Next to the Sanjo Regional Promotion Bureau


Phone Number:  32-0909


Medical areas handled:  Internal Medicine, External Medicine, Pediatrics (children's medicine), Orthopedics (bones, joints, ligaments)


*Note:  The Sanjo Sougou Byouin (Sanjo General Hospital) will continue to be open every 2nd Sunday of the month, and the Saiseikai Sanjo Byouin (Saiseikai Sanjo Hospital) will continue to be open every 3rd Sunday of the month in addition to regular hours.


Mitsuke Region - August 2018

Date Internal Medicine Phone External Medicine, etc. Phone
5th (Sun) Saeki Naika
(Nagaoka City Nakanosima 569-6)
Ogenkide Clinic
(Gakkocho 2-13-76)
11th (Sat/Holiday) Kyounindou Iin
(Honmachi 1-2-50)
Nakanoshima Clinic
(Nagaoka City, Chujo Sannoe 218)
12th (Sun) Ishikawa Iin
(Imamachi 6-3-45)
Terashi Iin
(Honmachi 1-4-46)
19th (Sun) Sekiya Iin
(Shinmachi 2-2-5)
Hoshiseikeigeka Iin
(Yanagibashimachi 274-6)
26th (Sun) Ishikawa Iin
(Imamachi 6-3-45)
Ogenkide Clinic
(Gakkocho 2-13-76)

*Hours of operation: 9:00am - 11:30am, 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Medical Service Procedures

  Medical services are offered in Japanese. Doctors are required to learn some English during their medical training so they will often know some vocabulary, but if you are not a fluent Japanese speaker it is best to go with someone who is fluent in both Japanese and your native language when seeing a doctor.

  General steps to take when going to a clinic/hospital:

  1. For your first consultation at a hospital, you will be required to bring your health insurance card. Depending on the hospital, you may receive a hospital consultation card for future consultations. Please bring this card with you on future visits.
  2. Tell the front desk what you ailments are.
  3. Wait in the waiting room until your name is called.
  4. Once your consultation is done, pay your medical consultation fee. Medication can usually be purchased at a nearby drugstore or in the hospital.

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