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Family Registration

Last Update:2008/4/1

Foreign Resident's Registration

New Registrations

If you are a foreigner planning to live in Japan for more than 90 days, you are required to register in person at the City Office. Go to the Family Registration Section with your passport and 2 passport sized photos (4.5cm x 3.5cm) to apply for an Alien Registration Card (外国登録証明書). For minors under 16 years of age, photos are not required and parents or guardians who reside with them may apply for them.
If your child was born in Japan, he or she must be registered within 60 days. If the child has acquired a passport, you need to bring it as well. Information on birth notification is written below.

Changes in Personal Information

If there are changes in the following items, please go to the Family Registration Section with your Alien Registration Card within 14 days.

Things to be changed Period of notification Notifying Method Necessary documents
Address, name, nationality, occupation, work address, resident status, period of stay. Within 14 days In person or your guardian that lives with you. Passport, Alien Registration card, document(s) to prove the change

Reissuing (Saikoufu / 再交付)

If by chance your Foreign Resident Registration Card is lost or stolen, notify the police immediately and have your card reissued to you at the Family Registration Section within 14 days. If you are over the age of 16, bring your passport and 2 recently taken photos for reissuing procedures. For children under 16, a family member is responsible for the registration procedures. (No photographs required in this case)

Renewal of Cards (Jikai Kakunin Kirikae)

Your Alien Registration Card needs to be renewed regularly. If you are above the age of 16, an expiration date will be printed on the back of your card. Please apply for renewal within the specified period. Applicants under the age of 16 must apply for a new card within 30 days of his/her 16th birthday. In both cases, applicants must come in person with the old card and 2 additional photographs.

  • Photograph Requirements: must be 4.5 cm (width) x 3.5 cm (length) in size and taken within 6 months of application date.
  • Once you are registered, you do not have to carry your passport. However, you are required to carry your Alien Registration Card at all times instead.


If a foreign resident gives birth to a child or dies, parents or a household member must come in person to the Family Registration Section to submit a statement of notification. Marriage and divorce notifications can also be accepted at the Family Registration Section with some exceptions. Please keep in mind that notifications made at the city office are only valid in Japan. For notification to your home country please consult your embassy or consular office for procedures.

The following notifications can be done at the following places:

Sanjo City Office, Public Affairs Division 2F
Sakae Service Center, Public Affairs Division 1F
Shitada Service Center, Public Affairs Division 1F

Birth Notification (Shushou Todoke / 出生届)

You must notify within 14 days of the birth date. Notification has to be done by the father, mother or guardian of the same household. If the father and mother are not married, notification needs to be done by the mother. You will be required to present the following documents:

  • Birth certificate (can be obtained at the hospital)
  • Mother and Child Health Handbook(can be obtained when you register your pregnancy at the National Insurance and Pension Division)
  • National Health Insurance Card
  • Bankbook (in the name of the parent or guardian)
  • Registered seal of the notifying person.

Death Notification (Shibou Todoke / 死亡届)

If a foreign resident dies in Japan, it must be reported within 7 days of learning the fact by a family member.

Required documents:

  • Death Examination Certificate (Shibousindansho / 死亡診断書) (completed by a physician)
  • Health Insurance Card, Nursing Care Insurance Certification Card.
  • Registered seal of the notifying person
  • Alien Registration Card of the deceased

Marriage Notification (Konin Todoke / 婚姻届)

If you are getting married, the following documents are required for legal procedures at the family registration section:

  • Marriage Notification
  • Passport(s)
  • Certificate of Foreign Resident Registration (Gaikokujintourokugenpyou / 外国人登録原票)
  • A copy of the Japanese partner's Family Register (koseki tohon / 戸籍謄本)
  • Certificate of Fulfillment of Conditions(Konin yoken gubi shoumeisho / 婚姻要件具備証明書)from your foreign embassy office in Japan) and its Japanese translation
*Notification needs to be done by the husband or wife to be.

Divorce Notification (Rikon Todoke / 離婚届)

If you are getting divorced, the following documents are required for legal procedures:

  • Divorce Notification
  • Registered seal of the notifying person (if he/she has one)
  • Proof of divorce (e.g. marriage certificate, marital status registration certificate)
*Your registered information may change as a result of the above otifications. Please refer to the "Changes in Personal Information" section above to see if this applies.

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