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Maternal and Child Health Care and Day Care Centers

Last Update:2008/4/1

Maternity and Birth

Upon Pregnancy

Please go to a doctor for a check-up and submit a Pregnancy Notification (ninshin todoke) to the National Insurance and Pension Division in the Sanjo City Office, Sakae, or Shitada Service center and receive a "Boshi-kenko-techo(Mother and Child Health Notebook.)" You will receive free coupons for doctor check ups and information on maternity and parenting classes. The Boshi-kenko-techo is used to keep the record of health examinations, and is required when immunizing your child.

When a child is born

Please submit a "birth notification" (出産連絡票/Shussan Renrakuhyo) to the Public Affairs Division within 14 days after the birth of your child. The "birth notification" form is attached to the "Maternal and child health handbook"(母子健康手帳/Boshi-kenko-techo), and once after submiting the notification, if you request, a midwife can come to your home within 2 months after the birth for consultation and advice on child rearing.

If your child weighs under 2500grams, and you wish to recieve Infant medical care support, you will have to submit a notice to the Niigata Sanjo Regional Development Center - Health and Welfare Office (新潟県三条地域振興局健康福祉環境部/Niigata-ken Sanjo-chiiki Shinko-kyoku Kenko-fukushi-kankyou-bu).

Infant Health Check up

Type of Check Up Content
Home counselling for pregnant mothers and newborn babies Baby measuring, health consultation, post child birth health counselling.
*Please submit "Birth notice sheet (Shussei Renraku hyo)"that is attached to the back of the to the Public Affairs Division or Health Promotion Division. You may also go to Sakae or Shitada service center.
Health check ups at 3 months Interview, measurements, diagnosis, guidance on general health, baby food, and immunization.
*an examination kit for will be given
Health check ups at 7 months Please take your child (6-7 months old) to an authorized medical institution for a medical checkup. You are required to bring the Mother and Child Health Notebook, Health Insurance Card, and Health Questionnaire.
Baby food guidance meeting Baby food guidance, baby food sampling, child-care counselling.
Health check ups at 10 months(Koala Land infant consultation) Measurements, health consultation, nutrition consultation, guidance on "how to play with your child"and book reading.
Health check ups at 18months Interview, measurements, diagnosis, dental checkup and guidance, health and nutritional guidance.
Dental checkup for infants at the age of 2 years, and 2 years and 6months.
Medical and dental checkup for infants at the age of 3 years Urine examination, interview, measurements, diagnosis, dental checkup and guidance, health guidance and, nutritional guidance.
  • When your child approaches the age for checkup, our staff will visit your home to let you know.
  • Guides and notices on health checkups and immunization can be found in the community newsletter (広報三条/Koho Sanjo).
  • People in the Sakae, Shitada area will receive individual notices for health check-ups.
For more information, please call (Japanese only):
Sanjo City Office, Health Promotion Division 1F, Tel 34-5511 ext 248
Sakae Service Center, Health and Social Welfare Division 1F, Tel 46-5907
Shitada Service Center, Health and Social Welfare Division 1F, Tel 45-4111


Download the Immunization in Sanjo Guide (292 KB PDF file) (Updated April 1, 2008)


In order to prevent illnesses, the city provides vaccinations shots.

Required items when receiving a vaccination shot:

  • Medical Card (yoshinhyou)
  • Maternal and Child Health Handbook (boshi kenkou techou)
  • Doctor's note (jyushin ken)
Individual Vaccinations: Please make a reservation with your local or prefectural medical clinic.
You will be notified by the city for your child's vaccinations.
Group Vaccinations: Group vaccinations are given on group medical vaccination dates.

Vaccination Schedule

*Vaccinations for Infants

Vaccination Type Vaccination
Vaccination Age
DPT Vaccination (Sanshu kongou)
(Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus)
Individual 3 - 90 months
Polio (Polio-myslitis anterior acuta) Group 3 - 90 months
Measles (Hashika) Individual 12 - 24 months
Rubella (Fuushin) Individual 1st Period: 12 - 24 months
2nd Period: 5 - 7yrs or 1 yr before
entering elementary school
Japanese Encephalitis
(Nihon Nouen)
Individual 1st Period: 3 yrs - 90 months
1st Period (additional): 4yrs - 90 months
BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) Individual 3 months - 2days before 6 months

*Vaccinations for children and students
Vaccination Type Vaccination
Vaccination Age
DT Vaccination (Nishu kongou)
(Diphtheria, Tetanus)
Individual 6th grade in elementary
Japanese Encephalitis
(Nihon Nouen)
Individual 2nd Period: 4th grade in elementary

*Please call the Child Care Support Division for more details. Tel: (0256) 45-1113 ext. 232

Child Support Welfare

Sanjo City, Board of Education, Child Care Support Division. Tel 45-1113 (ext. 232)
Sanjo City Sakae Health Center. Tel 45-4111 (ext. 502)
Sanjo City Shitada Health Center. Tel 46-5914

Counseling for Child Care

Child Consultation Office.
There are professionals that can help you with your child care problems and questions.

Child Allowance

A Child allowance can be applied for until one's child reaches the third grade. In order receive this, please submit a ninteisho(authorization paper) which can be obtained at the Social Welfare Division. Please note that the allowance that is given is limited according to one's family income.

Single Parent Child Allowance

A child allowance can be applied for single parent mothers or care-givers who do not live with the father due to a divorce or death for children up to the age of 18 according to income.

Families with difficulty rearing the child

For double income families and families that have difficulty taking care of their children during the day due to illness, work and other matters, there are a number of day care centers throughout the city of Sanjo for your use.
*Day care centers are usually open between 8:30am and 4pm. However extended hours are available.
The cost of day care center use is dependent upon your, income tax, municipal tax, and property taxes.

Medical Support for Single Parent Families

This support is available for single parent families, care givers of children without parents, and also families with a mother or father that is physically challenged. Support is measured according to the family's income.

Day Care Centers

Day care centers are designed for parents who cannot take care of their children during the daytime. There are 33 day care centers located in Sanjo (27 public, and 6 private).

  • Normally, day care centers are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. but hours can be extended upon request.
  • Fees are calculated according to the amount of income tax, resident tax, and real property tax paid by the parents from the previous year.

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