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About Sanjo

Last Update:2008/4/1

The city of Sanjo is famously known around Japan for its production of metal-goods which dates back to the Edo period. Sanjo is located in the heart of Niigata prefecture with rich green forests to the east that extend to the Fukushima prefectural boundary, from where the Ikarashi River begins and then crosses the city limits. From the north-west, Japan's longest river, the Shinano River spreads across the area to provide a rich farm belt for peaches, pears, other fruits and for the cultivation of rice.

Sanjo City is roughly a two hour Shinkansen (bullet train) ride from Tokyo to the Tsubame-Sanjo station via the Joetsu Shinkansen line. One can also get to the Sanjo-Tsubame Inter-Change via the Hokuriku Expressway to enjoy both a modern city and also the beautiful mountains that surround the city of Sanjo.

Population: 107,510
33,302 households (as of March, 2006)

Similar climate to the Hokuriku region. A relatively temperate climate region with 4 distinct seasons. Cloudy & rainy days are frequent, but the city recieves little snowfall during the winter period.

Days of rainfall (2005): 38days
Annual rainfall: 2,502.5mm
maximum snow accumulation: 40cm

Temperature (2005):
Avg. temp 13.2°C
Highest temp 36.5°C
Lowest temp -6.3°C

   37° 38' 13" N
   138° 57' 47" E
(location is derived from the location of the Sanjo City Office)
Area: 431.01km²


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Sanjo City Office/955-8686 3-1 Asahicho2, Sanjo-shi, Niigata
Tel:+81 256-34-5511 (ext.314) Fax:+81 256-34-7933

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